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Offering a wide range of programs to help our residents live a better life
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Aside from our mission to serve here at Destiny’s Place, we are also dedicated to further assist our residents in attaining a better, fuller life ahead, most especially women diagnosed with mental or developmental disabilities and displaced Veterans. To do that, we work hand-in-hand with sponsors and benefactors, along with our volunteers, to make our help accessible to our residents in need. Our programs help our residents receive the best assisted living and support living options and enhance their skills and knowledge as they develop into their careers.

Our programs offered:

  • Life Skill Classes
    Destiny’s Place has a dedicated, experienced team of counselors and trainers who have many years of experience in their respective fields. They will help our residents acquire the knowledge they need in preparation for their careers. Our classes will cater to each resident’s skills development, assessing what they need and how to achieve them.
  • Employment Assistance
    Employment plays a significant role, most especially when it comes to financial stability. Although some residents may find themselves trapped in a corner, with little to no chance of getting employed, our experts at Destiny’s Place can rest assured they will acquire the training and preparation they need to get a job.
  • Benefit Coordination
    We at Destiny’s Place and our partners, the benefactors and sponsors, find fulfillment in extending our helping hand to individuals and families who have complex needs. We coordinate various beneficial programs and services that can further cater to their needs. Through this, we can empower their lives and lead them towards a better quality of life.
  • Assisted Living Services

    With our volunteer team’s dedication and perseverance to serve our residents’ and communities’ ever-changing needs, we can make our outreach programs and services possible. They are the services that are offered for assisted-living:

    • Daily living skills, personal grooming, cooking, cleaning, etc.
    • Budgeting and shopping
    • Medication monitoring and management
    • In-home and community recreation
    • 24-hour coverage and availability
  • Weekly Evaluations
    Our team will do a weekly evaluation to check up on our residents, most especially mentally or developmentally disabled women and displaced Veterans. We make sure to monitor their progress, both health and life skills development.

Connect with Us Today!

We at Destiny’s Place are committed to reaching out to our communities in need. If you have further questions, please feel free to send us a message at any time.